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410YDB Releases Two New Singles Ahead Of Debut Mixtape

March 12, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA) - 19-year-old 410YDB is an up-and-coming artist from Baltimore, Maryland who has been steadily making his name known throughout the country, with an aim to touch various parts of the world. Armed with hard-hitting lyrics and a commanding presence, he is ready to make a great impact with the collection of music he has in store. With his independent label Bully Music getting mentioned in various conversations, 410YDB has already got the ball rolling with the release of two new singles and is gearing up to release his debut mixtape.

410YDB started off 2022 with the release of the singles, “Eatin”, and “Rockstar Status”. “Eatin” is a Malibuu produced track that was released on February 1st. The track finds 410YDB sharing various aspects of his day-to-day life and the streets while trying to hustle and ensure that he’s getting what’s his at the end of the day. The track also provides some motivation as 410YDB encourages listeners to put in the work for what they need. Since the release of “Eatin”, the track has gained thousands of plays across major music streaming platforms, gained airplay in Chicago, New York, and Miami, and is supported by a music video that has gained thousands of views on Youtube.

410YDB looked to cover more ground with the follow up to “Eatin” called, “Rockstar Status”. Produced by ThaHitta, 410YDB continues to share what goes down in his life in the streets and gives listeners his rapid-fire flow over some heavy-hitting production. The track was been making it rounds on Apple Music and Spotify, and promises to be a hit for the upcoming artist. “Eatin” and “Rockstar Status” are a part of the rollout for 410YDB’s debut mixtape, “On My Way”, which is set to be released in April.

410YDB is an independent artist and has been sharing some aspects of the struggle and street life in Baltimore for a number of years. He started rapping at 9-years-old, and at 12 he helped to establish Bully Music where he serves as the president and artist. He looks to bring the music from his city to various parts of the globe, and solidify himself as one of the top artists out.

410YDB’s “Eatin” and “Rockstar Status” are now available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. The music video for “Eatin” is now available for viewing on Bully Music’s official Youtube channel. To stay up to date with 410YDB, follow him on Instagram at @410YDB, TikTok @Ggydb3 and Twitter @410ydb. Check out his website by clicking here.

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