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  • Taylor Donohue

Lil Baby Shares That It’s Only Him in Newest Single “Detox”

Lil Baby in the “Detox” video directed by Ivan Berrios and Lil Baby

Atlanta based artist, Lil Baby’s, newest single “Detox” leaves fans ecstatic for his upcoming solo album after a consistent string of collaborations. In 2021, Lil Baby released a collaborative album with Lil Durk titled, “The Voice of Heroes'' which went platinum. Following the release of that collaborative album, Lil Baby won a Grammy in 2022 for his support along with The Weeknd's on Kanye West’s “Hurricane.”

Although the collaborations are a success, the time is finally here for fans to enjoy Lil Baby’s 3rd studio album, “It’s Only Me” on Motown on October 14th. “I know it’s been a long time coming but I’m coming harder and harder,” Lil Baby shared to instagram, adding the hashtag “#worththewait”. September 2nd was full of announcements for fans, as Lil Baby released “Detox” and a music video just hours before the exciting news of a new album.

The “Detox” music video shows Lil Baby boxing, instructing a steamy yoga class, and as an office supervisor. As a co-director of the video, Lil Baby clearly had the intention of showing himself off as an authoritative figure. Amidst the authoritative imagery of Lil Baby within the music video, and these lyrics, “I been actin' way too humble/Graduated the streets with honors,” Lil Baby is not planning on taking a humble approach with this new album as he gets to finally watch all his hard work pay off before him.

Lil Baby is a force to be reckoned with, amidst constant collaborations and a strong solo career, “It’s Only Me” is expected to be a major success and bring fans closer to the artists than ever before.

Stay up to date on Lil Baby by following his social media accounts, @lilbaby.


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