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Winners Circle Artist Sheff G Shares New Song “Break From It”

(New York, NY – March 23, 2022) Today, Sheff G, the leader of Brooklyn’s premier crew and label, Winners Circle Entertainment, releases new song “Break From It” (Winners Circle / RCA Records). Produced by Great John, the track gives Sheff ample space for introspection, showing a softhearted side of his artistry. Listen to “Break From It” HERE and watch the animated video, directed by Aylo, HERE.

Last year, Sheff G released “Drum Dummy” to celebrate his 23rd birthday. Although currently incarcerated, Sheff G shared this song to thank his fans for supporting him during his time away. The melodic record, also produced by Great John, captures his pain and tough upbringing in Flatbush, showing that his spirit is still going. He also connected with fellow label mates Jay Bezzy and Sleepy Hallow in “Overseas,” a track that allowed the three rappers to showcase the range and talent between them.

Stay tuned for more music from Sheff G and the rest of Winners Circle…

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