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Rising Artist A-Stylez Stuns with New Single

With the release of his soul-stirring new combination “Work of Art”, A-Stylez is presenting to listeners an enriching and exciting mix of sounds and rhythms

Bronx, NY — April 8th, 2021- Few artists can showcase their gifts as up-and-coming acts, while simultaneously setting the stage for a new and vibrant sound to the Alternative genre. One such act is A-Stylez, a dynamic and talented artist who brings with his craft a new and refreshing soundscape.

The Bronx-based artist showcases a seasoned sense of musical composition, complete with moving and intriguing lyricism, intricately woven into memorable rhythms, hooks, and melodies that magnetize. Titled “Work of Art”, the stirring new track is a collaboration between the New York-based singer-songwriter and contemporary artist, Deon.

“Work of Art” sheds light on an exciting and entertaining collaboration between A-Stylez and Deon, who blend their talents seamlessly. Trading authentic and contemplative verses with each other, while remaining true to the melodic flow and rhythmic beat of the composition, A-Stylez and Deon exhibit a splendid musical ethos.

Bringing new sounds to the streets of New York has always been a driving mantra of the eclectic artist, and with “Work of Art”, A-Stylez puts on display, depth of vocals, inimitable flow, and captivating hooks.

Stream, download, and buy A-Stylez new music and check out the artist’s Instagram and the record label’s Instagram for updates on new releases and upcoming albums. Contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


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