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LeikeLi47 Drop New Song + Video “LL Cool J”

"I’m happy to say I’m here. It took work, it takes work, and that’s what ‘Shape Up’ is about.”

Leikeli47 has released a new single + video “LL Cool J” from her forthcoming album Shape Up, out April 15th via Hardcover/RCA Records. The song name is an acronym for “ladies love cool jewelry” and as such the video is full of diamonds. The video includes a special cameo from South Central native, style consultant and brand Jordan designer Aleali May adorned in her signature Rolex ‘A’ chain and a custom reverse half matte grill. Further in the video, we see May swinging on her personal blinged-out Area crystal chair bag.

The song marries 47’s love of Black culture with her deep knowledge as a rap historian using minimal beat kicks in, giving Leikeli plenty of space to showcase her one-of-a-kind flow that she performs in a knowing half-whisper. It’s playful but unendingly serious at the same time, a balancing act that confirms Leikeli as a technically brilliant MC.

Shape Up serves as the finale to the trilogy that included her debut Wash & Set and the highly lauded 2018 Acrylic. Shape Up takes up many meanings for the LA-based multi-hyphenate; it’s 47 as the best version of herself and, in her words, “me finally walking into the confidence I always pretended to have.” It represents the manifestation and execution of shaping up mentally, physically, and spiritually. She continues, “I’m happy to say I’m here. It took work, it takes work, and that’s what ‘Shape Up’ is about.”

Watch the video for “LL Cool J Watch the video for “BITM Listen to “Chitty Bang Pre-save Shape Up:

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